U R I A H H E E P!!!
World-known rock legend in Armenia!

U R I A H H E E P!!!
World-known rock legend in Armenia!

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World-known rock legend in Armenia!

You are presented with this unique opportunity to welcome URIAH HEEP in Yerevan, on October 16, 7 p.m., Karen Demirchyan Sport and Concert Complex/Concert Hall.

The 2009 Uriah Heep concert in Yerevan is within the “Celebration - The 40th Anniversary"-Tour.

Current band members:
Mick Box - guitar, vocals
Trevor Bolder - bass, vocals
Bernie Shaw - lead vocals
Phil Lanzon - keyboards, vocals
Russell Gilbrook - drums, vocals

The proceed from the concert will go to the Earthquake Relief Fund.

Band History

1970 was a good year for rock music. The boundaries of blues and Psychedelic Rock were being pushed farther and farther evolving into Progressive rock and Heavy Metal. Bands like Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Led Zepplin, Atomic Rooster and Uriah Heep among others all released classic and influential Hard Rock masterpieces. The debut from the latter band stands as a very unique (for it's time) and massively heavy album. Every track is a winner. And the heaviness doesn't let up, save for 2 tracks; Come Away Melinda (a dark ballad) and the Jazz-rock of Wake up (Set Your Sights). Heep definitely stood on their own apart from their peers while pioneering a style that would become just as influential as anything by Sabbath or Zeppelin. Awesome riffs with a dark edge blend with a distorted organ for a truly heavy sound. The psuedo-operatic vocals would become almost standard for future Heavy Metal bands. Listen to falsetto "Aaaaah's" on Bird of Prey and you'll recognize Heeps huge influence on Merciful Fate and King Diamond. Shades of Heep can be found in bands like Iron Maiden, Angel Witch and other bands as well.


“Mick Box, a young lad of twenty who liked his soccer but loved his music more, clutched his guitar along with his ambitions and dreams, and formed a local Walthamstow band by the name of The Stalkers… and later on set up a new band by the name of Spice”. This is considered the seed of Uriah Heep which was sown back in 1967. But the giant step upwards was taken by record producer Gerry Bron in 1969 when he met the band Spice and suggested to change the name into “Uriah Heep” - based on the 'orrible little character from Charles Dickens' David Copperfield - Dicken's name being everywhere around Christmas '69 due to it being the hundredth anniversary of his death. Soon keyboardist Ken Hensley was invited to join the band and the Uriah Heep was complete with its other members at that time - Paul Newton, David Byron, Alex Napier.

Starting from their first album released in 1970 they introduced a heavy organ and guitar-driven sound, with theatrical, dynamic vocals soaring above thunderous sonic backgrounds. Very early on they put together some amazing hard rock and metal, featuring also some jazz and acoustic elements, even country on occasion. Later on the Heep music acquired progressive elements, which, obviously, sewed the seeds of the future progressive movement.

Their third album, "Look at Yourself", released at the end of 1971, included the single "July Morning", which was one of Heep’s hit songs along with “Easy Livin' " from the 1972 album “Demons and Wizards”, and "Stealin' " from the 1973 release “Sweet Freedom”. Another of their songs, “Sympathy” from the 1977 album “Firefly”, was a hit song in Armenia during the Soviet era. There’s hardly a person who belongs to that generation and hasn’t heard, or isn’t a fan of that song.

The lineup has been the same since 1986 with veteran Mick Box at the helm, Trevor Bolder on bass, vocalist Bernie Shaw and Phil Lanzon on keyboards. In early 2007 drummer Lee Kerslake had to leave the group due to ill health. In March 2007, the band recruited Russell Gilbrook as their new drummer.

Making it 40 years as of 2009, having released more than 30 studio and live albums, Uriah Heep still tour and release both (occasional) studio and (frequent) live albums, and have music spanning five decades. Their principal tour circuit is in Germany, the Netherlands, the Scandinavian Peninsula, Japan and Russia, where they still perform at stadium-sized venues.

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