To be in the atmosphere of Vibrographus becomes something akin to a necessity for those who get in touch with it - very frequently not only the kettle boils here in the studio, but also the hot discussions and debates over different topics , as well as exchange of opinions, principles and approaches take place, which are concluded along with the last smoke of cigarettes, but only with the intention to be continued, then everyone gets down to work. But when the work "boils", even the kettle keeps silence.

Vibrographus studio (MDP studio) is equipped with all the contemporary equipments required to produce good sound, which are powered by professionals only, who clearly know what you need and how to work it out effectively. This is not just a work anymore, this is a lifestyle where they believe in the power and purity of music, and everything is undertaken to put this principle into action.

Vibrographus studio is located in the center of Yerevan, State Puppet Theatre, as well as it is considered the center of rock sphere for musicians and people related to music. A number of bands and musicians were recorded in this studio, whereas some of them were presented with advice as to the perfectness of sound both during recordings and concerts.

The following bands joined the studio life, they were recorded, they drank coffee, smoked and.. spent part of their music activities here - The Bambir, Sard, Oaksenham, Empyray, The Kings' Cross, Vostan Hayots, E.V.A., Reincarnation, Alter Ego, Stryfe, MDP, Sakvoyage, Dogma, Vordan Karmir and others.

We will keep on making recordings, organizing concerts, coming together over every interesting idea, contributing to the development of rock music. Our studio is "boiling"!


Renaissance fragment

DOGMA live at InRock Music Club!
After a long recess Dogma will give a concert at InRock Music Club

May 31, 7:30p.m.

For more info and reservations call:
094 38 13 40.