It all began in late 1970-s when Vardan Grigoryan, founder of VIBROGRAPHUS (VGS), started his career in music. Composer, bass and keyboard player, Vardan was involved in numerous music projects. From 1994 to 2007 he was the bass player, as well as the sound producer of MDP, the most unique Armenian band. The name "Vibrographus" arises from the same-titled album released by Vardan in 2000. Since 2003 Vardan is the owner of the widely famous Vibrographus Studio which recorded numerous Armenian artists performing in different music styles.

After producing a number of effective campaigns in the local music sphere: concerts, festivals, presentations, exhibitions, with a prominent emphasis on rock music and its development in Armenia, in partnership with Gagik Gyulbudaghyan the initiative of VGS was promotion and organization of concerts of World Known Artists in Armenia. The first unprecedented and successful event was the concert of the legendary Jethro Tull in Yerevan, 2009, followed by the concerts of Uriah Heep, John McLaughlin, Deep Purple in 2010.

Vardan's destination point is “Dogma” - progressive folk metal band found by Vardan himself in 2008.


Since the day of its foundation the main aim of VIBROGRAPHUS has been and remains the development of musical scene in Armenia, its compliance with international standards. Therefore, promotion of concerts of world known and legendary bands in Armenia is targeted at the realization of that goal.

VGS is not only experienced in providing both musicians and audience with superior sound related services, but it also initiates its own events, produces and promotes both local concerts, festivals and those of world known artists.

Currently VGS is one of the rare companies in the local market able to fulfill all the requirements as of holding a concert or festival to the highest demand. The main advantage of VGS is that it is not just some another company having equipment, but the one having only professional musicians and engineers in its staff, who clearly understand what you need and how to do it effectively.

VGS believes in sound and that it should be as clear and as powerful as it is possible.
DOGMA live at InRock Music Club!
After a long recess Dogma will give a concert at InRock Music Club

May 31, 7:30p.m.

For more info and reservations call:
094 38 13 40.