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Mick tells us about Uriah Heep’s trip to Armenia, where the best way to combat the cold seems to be a combination of brandy, water and apricots!

[...] We flew out to the Armenia for a show last Wednesday and it was the the first time we had played there, so it was quite exciting. A lot of the proceeds will go towards the Armenia Earthquake fund, and the reconstruction of housing destroyed in the devastating earthquake in Spitak in 1988, so that is cool. [...]

The flight to Armenia was four hours and 30 minutes, and on arrival we were surprised to find how hot it was. We were told it had the same climate conditions as Greece, Italy and Spain. Still, they have harsh winters with the temperature getting down to 33 degrees below freezing! As we climbed down the aeroplane steps, we were ushered into a van and driven straight into the VIP area. We waited there while they collected all of our bags, equipment and dealt with our passports.

We arrived at the hotel at 2am and went straight to the bar in the lobby, where we were treated to some 20-year-old Armenian brandy. They told us that they believe one drop of Armenian brandy prolongs your life by five minutes. Needless to say with the amount we all consumed before bed, you will be happy to hear we will make our 50th Anniversary with ease. They also say that one drop of water from their 300 mineral springs prolongs your life by one minute. So on that basis, a night on the brandy, followed by a glass of water, and I have a good chance of living to the ripe old age of 206.


Ирина АБРОЯН - Республика Армения
Review from a fan - Arthur Atayan
Ирина АБРОЯН - Республика Армения
Irina Abroyan - Republic of Armenia
Ирина АБРОЯН - Республика Армения
Ирина АБРОЯН - Республика Армения
Ирина АБРОЯН - Республика Армения
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