Concerts and Events


Live at Club 12
July 24, 2008


Diversity Rock Festival

July 10, 2008
Benevolent concert in the framework of Council of Europe Anti-Discrimination Campaign.


Fete de la Musique 2008

Known as World Music Day, this is a music festival taking place on June 21, which is usually the summer solstice. It was the 2nd time that Armenia joined the world festival, with its open air concerts throughout the center of Yerevan. 3 years in a row VGS organizes the main stage concert in front of Moscow cinema!



Live at Puppet Theatre
June 3, 2008


Rock Nation

April 30, 2008


Metal Attack

April 18, 2008
As you may know creating rock sphere in Armenia is our main goal. Therefore, metal is another field which needs to be developed in Armenia, and in Caucasus in general. That is why in partnership with Vibrographus organized a metal festival with participation of bands from Georgia and Armenia, a unique festival in the region full of drive!



April 14, 2008
Vibrographus supported the initiative and enthusiasm of a group of young nature lovers who struggle against destruction of a huge green area known as Teghut forest. The Festival aimed at informing young people about this problem and calling them to join them in their struggle.


John Lennon Memorial Concert

December 8 – The Armenian bands gave their tribute to John Lennon presenting his songs and videos.


Rock & Dram 3

April 11, 2008
Every year we celebrate the anniversary of the Armenian Dram!


Dogma - Rock VS "Rock"

February 29, 2008
Debute concert at Puppet Theatre


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DOGMA live at InRock Music Club!
After a long recess Dogma will give a concert at InRock Music Club

May 31, 7:30p.m.

For more info and reservations call:
094 38 13 40.